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It is said that in the training industry,
you are only as good as your last training intervention. 

We highly recommend reading through these Testimonials and Case Studies as part of your decision making process.


I have used the full services of The Ripple Effect on several occasions for conferences. Their attention to detail both before, during and after the Conference together with the follow-up, quality control and ongoing support has been outstanding.

Franz Von Wielligh – Head Of Innovation at XL Travel Head Office

The benefit to the business has been improved staff retention, less blame, people who use their initiative, better team efforts and a general sense of people who love to come to work every day.

Darryl Maroun – Managing Director, Seidor Networks (Pty) Ltd

I would definitely recommend that anyone that owns a business, manages a business and is employed by a business does this programme. When you stop investing in your education and stop learning and wanting to acquire knowledge that’s the first day that you start dying.

Adri Nel – Hello Gorgeous

The Management Development Programme convened for our Western Cape operations staff was met with great enthusiasm by the team, who all learned valuable lessons. Thank you so much for exposing us to your endless energy. We are grateful for your appreciation and understanding of the various levels of our employees, and confirm that we received a great return on investment.

JM Onraet – Director: Marketing, Much Asphalt (Pty) Ltd

Teams really enjoyed the activities, that not just motivated them, but also placed emphasis on the brand and valuable messages were conveyed for both work and personal use. The proof is apparent in our sales figures, where we are enjoying between 30 and 35% increases over previous years on this brand.

Ryk Coetzee – Marketing Manager, Parmalat SA (Pty) Ltd

The Ripple Effect’s input and suggestions as to the content of the conference made it so relevant to the objective we set ourselves to achieve. We have contracted The Ripple Effect on several occasions in the past and there is always the expectation that they will exceed the agreed requirements and we have never been let down. 

Anton van der Linden – National Sales Manager, Base Chemicals, Engen Petroleum Ltd 

Within the past 4 years, our team members, at all levels, have achieved better communications skills, management skills and aided us in implementing action plans for the future successful development of our company. We would highly recommend The Ripple Effect as a training partner to any firm of professionals trying to achieve better levels of management and focus within their company.

Stefano Riccardi – Managing Director, CKR Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd

The strategic planning session that Louis facilitated for our marketing team at Atlantic Fertilisers was of great value to our company and the individuals that partook. Louis has an uncanny ability to identify potential problem areas in a business and is a great facilitator to achieve desired outcomes generated eventually by the team itself. His guidance in achieving goals is invaluable.

Kobus Herholdt – Managing Director, Atlantic Fertilisers

The workshop made staff aware of the goal we all strive for and it is noticeable how staff work together to achieve better results. The staff also learnt that anything is possible should you put your mind to it. We have never attended a workshop that brought about such a visible change in behaviour as this one.

Mareé Lambrechts – Regional Manager, CANSA West Coast

The Ripple Effect brings a holistic approach to business that suits the way we want to run our company. The Ripple Effect's company name is apt, as by resolving issues within our management team we have seen the benefits flow through to all levels of the company. I would wholeheartedly recommend their services to any company looking to improve the way they run their business, or wanting to bring out the potential of their management team and employees.

Paul MarketosBluekey Software Solutions

We have been able to promote several of our team into more senior leadership roles after the course due to their growth and development and have seen massive changes in our organisational language and thinking as a result of this course. Louis’s course coupled with commitment from participants and their line managers has transformed our lives!

Marzanne van der Colf – Group Talent Executive CAVI Brands

As an organisation, The Ripple Effect continues to teach us and is an essential part of our growth plan. We are excited to start another round of the MDP Programme with new and middle managers this year and look forward to the positive ripples that we know come from these sessions with Louis. I have no hesitation in recommending Louis and The Ripple Effect to any organisation as our experience with this team has, and continues to be, incredible.

Angela Piper – HR Manager, Bluekey Seidor

The name of the programme “Wired to Influence” speaks for itself and being in an HR environment it highlighted again the importance of team dynamics, effective organisational communication and improving overall organisation effectiveness. I can truly recommend any organisation to invest in sending all their influential team members on Ripple’s Wired to Influence training programme.

Alide Nelson – HR Manager, IsoMetrix Software Solutions

We would like to take this opportunity to recommend Louis Gerke and The Ripple Effect’s services to any company that is wanting to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and overall wellbeing of their business, just as we did and will continue to do in the future.

Ross Venter – Chief Executive Officer, Archer Digital (Pty) Ltd

Case Studies

   Training and support - Spilo Technical Textiles

The support and expertise provided by The Ripple Effect assisted Spilo in making the successful application for CE Certification (Conformité Européene - European Conformity) a reality. Over and above this, the documentation that was compiled by the CE Team (as part of the certification application) has been invaluable as a means to ensure ongoing improved quality and sustained accountability. 

The Ripple Effect was also instrumental in affecting a mindset change amongst Foremen and Managers through their 'World Class' training programme. A change in behaviour was brought about in order to prepare for the implementation of new systems and processes including Standard Operating Procedures and associated documentation.

Spilo Technical Textiles Case Study