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Team Building

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Goals, Roles & Souls Team Development Workshops

Aimed at: Any team from any industry regardless of team size.


These tailored team interventions are a very effective change management tool. They are designed to promote the idea that success in a team comes from having every team member pull in the same direction. These lessons are, where possible, depicted through experiential learning activities.

Each intervention is designed to achieve the following:

  • Lowering resistance to the intended change.
  • Greater team alignment with overall business goals.
  • Greater levels of individual and team responsibility for the business and its goals.
  • Removal of obstacles to achieving improved results.
  • Change.
  • A platform from which to launch further team initiatives.



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Motivational Team Talks

Aimed at:  All company events and conferences needing an impactful interactive scene setting or ice breaker.


Ripple Team Talks are powerful interactive motivational sessions that leave a lasting impression.  They offer the opportunity to clients to either choose from the standard menu of talks or to engage us in tailoring a talk specific to their needs.

  • We encourage 100% participation in the way we structure our talks.
  • Appealing to all of the senses leaves participants with lasting impressions.
  • The standard talks are 90 minutes long.
  • Everything and anything can be tailored to suit the most diverse range of event themes.
  • It is said that context matters – these talks set the context for what is to follow.
  • A unique blend of fun and strategic intention ensures enjoyment and learning.


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