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Mental Health

Join the dots

As a man, I am aware that my fellow humans experience suffering.  As a boy, I knew of very little.  During my seven years in primary school I was aware of one boy who lost his brother due to an accident, and another boy who lost his father due to […]

What do you need me to do?

As a man, one of the most common things I have been criticized for is applying “Mr Fix It” principles to every situation where people have downloaded their challenges in my presence. My standard response to the criticism would have been – ‘Why not just tell me upfront what you […]

Lead to unite

As a man, I have that traditional expectation in society to be a leader. To be the head of the home, to have a developing career or better still be an entrepreneur, to be seen as an upstanding member of my community, to uphold certain values, to lead by example […]

If you fall

As a man, I know that men have a reputation for not talking openly about our “troubles”.  When I ask other men why this is so, they say that we have a multitude of sayings that either go off in our heads or we actually hear others saying to us, […]

As a man

As a man, I would like to know that I treat the world and everything in it right.  Doing as little harm as possible to other people, the environment, other life forms etc. There have been times in my life where, through a change in awareness, I have needed to […]

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

I love all things motor bikes but I have not always had the opportunity of living it out myself.  At times it was the financial limitation resulting in bicycle transportation and at others the practical limitation of needing a car. My biking began a reality in 2007 when I bought […]