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About Us

The Ripple  Story

The Ripple Effect is the well-established trading name of Ripple Adventures cc. Ripple Adventures was formed in 1996 when corporate team development interventions were uncommon. 

In life everything we do on a day to day basis can prepare us for tomorrow. 


From the humble beginnings in 1996, The Ripple Effect has become successful on a national basis but our core driver, for continuing the work we do, is still the love of it.

We believe that dreams are important, the self-belief to achieve them must be unwavering and everybody should do what they love to do.

What we do 

We specialise in motivational training and organisational development through the enhancement of soft skills, with the emphasis being geared towards the concept of experiential learning.

We facilitate dynamic training processes that encapsulate every area of individual and team development, from high level, strategically focused business and organisational initiatives to the lighter fun and adventurous side. 

Our Content Strategy Service fills in the gaps where documentation of any form is required to support our training and facilitation services.


Some important lessons learned since inception:There are no quick fixes.

–  Changing behaviour requires altering conscience.

–  Positive change is highly possible.

–  The most powerful aspect of our product offering is the provision of an external conscience - the ‘running partner’ principle.

–  Change is more effective when approached from the top down.


We offer a comprehensive service that caters for requirements on every level of your organisation.
The Ripple Team


A great team of people doing great things!

takes care of everything to do with our customer requests and satisfaction and keeps them informed along the way [LinkedIn Profile].

specialises in the development of content, bridging that awkward gap between the need for content and the availability of content [LinkedIn Profile].

wraps his head around the need of our clients before designing, planning and facilitating the sessions [LinkedIn Profile].


The art of facilitation

For the past 25 years Louis Gerke has designed and facilitated a variety of Workshops building strong relationships with an impressive list of clients. Louis caters for every level of any organization and maintains a sense of humour and an element of fun in everything he does. His deep, sincere approach reveals enormous insight and understanding into a vast spectrum of subjects.

Team development is not an exact science and added to this the fact that it is an interactive process, anything can happen. Louis draws from a wealth of experience to ensure the best possible results are achieved with every programme.

Louis is resolute to tailormake every intervention ensuring it meets each client’s specific needs and gives generously of his time to planning meetings. He encourages people to support his belief in ongoing training and development, and proves the power of Harnessing Collective Talent.


Louis has a Bachelor of Accounting Science (B.Compt) Degree from UNISA proving a self-disciplined character; his articles were served at KPMG where he gained tremendous insight into corporate business.



Louis Gerke