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What should it tell me when …

I was just thinking ……… What should it tell me when other people believe in me more than I believe in myself? This one thought got me thinking further ………. What other gaps of this nature might I benefit from contemplating?   5 Gaps in everyday life So, here’s the […]

Spread thin

I’m more of a rough spreader of jam on toast while I know people that are particular about ensuring an even spread and that all the corners are covered in full.  This blog however is not about spreading toast, but it is about those times when we use the term […]

Effective communication

I’ll take that, thank you

I love getting positive feedback from people after a programme I have run.  Comments like “it has helped me in all aspects of life”, “I have achieved so much more since implementing the ‘Stop‘” and “the impact on our bottom line has been noticeable”, are all encouraging for me. I […]

What you tell them will be used

If we truly value our customers, then we should be mindful about what we tell them and what commitments we make to them.  This information will and should be used by them in the making of their own plans and in formulating any knock on commitments to their own customers. When […]

Value that is tanking

I picked up a copy of the Business Day at the airport and noticed a headline “Brait share price tanks on debt plan for UK chain”.  Another bit of bad news for Brait and another bit of bad news for a JSE listed share. We really do need some good […]

Clouding Issues

Clouding Issues

Overcast conditions make it impossible to appreciate the splendour of blue skies during the day and the magnificence of the stars at night.  I think it is even possible to forget that the blue sky and the stars are there, when all we can see are clouds.  For those people […]

Winning & Losing

Winning & losing – exploring the gap

Winning and losing are opposites.  We have all experienced both and if asked which one we prefer, I’m sure most, if not all, people would choose winning. Winning cannot be guaranteed especially in a highly competitive environment.  When competing against the best in the world it is not even possible […]

Business List

As a result of?

One of the most important reflection exercises you can and should do on a regular basis is to consider the causes behind your current results.  As we near the end of another year, one of the critical times to perform this reflective exercise is once again upon us.  At other […]

Ask for what you want

Ask for it!

At school any boy who inflicted a black eye on another would invariably use the same ‘justification’ – “He asked for it!” At dinner tables, when children decide to perform the old stretch technique to collect the tomato sauce from the far end of the table, parents will generally interject […]

Fridays Come and Go

Fridays seem to come round really quickly nowadays.  In organisations where Vicious Circles are merrily spinning, it could be that the leaders are stressed by the advent of a Friday due to the realisation that another week has slipped by and still the achievements are below par.  The doers, in […]