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Team Development | It's what I do

Team Development

After 23 years of The Ripple Effect, I have to now more than ever define what it is that I do. I am clear on what I have done in the past 23 years but what am I now and what can people expect of me going forward? We live […]

Big Screen Lessons

Big Screen Lessons

Life lessons are by their very definition, lessons we learn through the course of our lives.  Learning through personal experience.  Becoming street wise through experiencing the streets. Wisdom gained through experience Leading people requires wisdom and wisdom is gained through experiencing life and learning along the way, but wisdom does […]

Productivity woes -

Productivity woes

We seem to be struggling to get the economy back on track and there are a lot of clever people looking for solutions. Caroline was updating our 2020 calendar earlier with the public holidays, our regular team meeting dates, my speaking commitments, our days off due to birthdays, and school […]



We use words all the time to get what we want but, in many cases, we take for granted that people attach the same meaning as we do to particular words. In business, we regularly make reference to a team’s value system.  We are inclined to use words like trust, […]


The one thing

Is there one thing that, when done, will lead to success? … yes! TEAMWORK   The problem is that a team requires three things: A common goal. Working together. A group of diverse people. For a goal to be common it requires a bare minimum of three things: The setting […]

Making better choices leads to better outcomes

During a debrief of an experiential activity, it can be said that the difference between constructive behaviour and destructive behaviour is a choice.  It is clearly a choice. As the facilitator, I can see people choosing a particular approach and others choosing an opposite approach.  Consider something simple, like the […]

What should it tell me when …

I was just thinking ……… What should it tell me when other people believe in me more than I believe in myself? This one thought got me thinking further ………. What other gaps of this nature might I benefit from contemplating?   5 Gaps in everyday life So, here’s the […]

Spread thin

I’m more of a rough spreader of jam on toast while I know people that are particular about ensuring an even spread and that all the corners are covered in full.  This blog however is not about spreading toast, but it is about those times when we use the term […]

Effective communication

I’ll take that, thank you

I love getting positive feedback from people after a programme I have run.  Comments like “it has helped me in all aspects of life”, “I have achieved so much more since implementing the ‘Stop‘” and “the impact on our bottom line has been noticeable”, are all encouraging for me. I […]

What you tell them will be used

If we truly value our customers, then we should be mindful about what we tell them and what commitments we make to them.  This information will and should be used by them in the making of their own plans and in formulating any knock on commitments to their own customers. When […]