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<p>Individually based interventionsThe Ripple Effect’s One-on-One Mentoring shifts the emphasis from group work to individually–based interventions. The approach is based on the observation that a team is the collective sum of individual capacity and capability. It incorporates the experience gained through facilitating interventions with a vast number of organisations ranging […]</p>
<p>The EQ behind Strategic Planning Many people will feel that it cannot add value to use an outsider to facilitate strategy sessions as such a person will not know the business and the vision as well as the team members do. They would be right in thinking this. When we facilitate we drive due […]</p>
<p>Goals, Roles and Souls tailored workshopsThese tailored team interventions are a very effective change management tool.  They are ideal for any team from any industry regardless of team size. They are designed to promote the idea that success in a team comes from having every team member pull in the […]</p>
<p>People Development ProgrammesThe Ripple Effect has developed unique and effective Development Programmes: Wired to Influence, Wired to Lead and Manage, Wired to Drive & Wired to Influence PLUS.A formal MBA is not always applicable to solve certain day-to-day problems within teams and in many cases formal tertiary training is lacking in preparing […]</p>
<p>Good content provides value!What do we mean by content? Content is both information and communication. It is a compilation of information, ideas and messages that are translated into some kind of written or visual format for others to engage with.We will help you engage your audience – both internal and […]</p>

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Guiding you through various aspects of organisational change.

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Tailored experiential programmes that get the messages across.

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Managing your content in order to turn it into a business asset.


We construct and facilitate Team Development Programmes for every client and every event. We specialise in motivational training and organisational development through the enhancement of soft skills, with the emphasis being geared towards the concept of experiential learning. The Ripple Effect was launched in 1996. We have a proud and strong track record in the South African business community. We have developed a reputation of successful programme delivery, the creativity required to create apt interventions and a track record of a positive Return on Investment. Developing such a reputation has been our marketing strategy from the start.

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