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A formal MBA is not always applicable to solve certain day-to-day problems within business teams.
In many cases formal tertiary training is lacking in preparing future business leaders for one of their biggest challenges –
working and interacting with people.

Wired to Influence

Aimed at: Influential members within a competitive team and business environment.


  • Wired to Influence commences the journey of improvement.
  • This programme develops the skills necessary to deal with the challenges faced by influential members within a competitive team and business environment by developing role leadership regardless of the role.
  • It opens people to levels of success previously not thought possible.
  • It includes multiple reflective interventions and instils in the team the ability to make quality choices; discerning between effective and ineffective approaches. 

Duration: 8 sessions. One 6 hour session, once a month, for eight months – a total of 48 hours of development time.


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Wired to Lead & Manage

Aimed at: Those ready, or required to, own the future well-being of the company.


  • This programme specifically deals with the challenges associated with leading and managing people and driving overall organisational change.
  • It will challenge those aspiring to be managers and leaders (and those currently tasked to be), to realise the power that comes with such positions and to mindfully accept the level of responsibility needed to fulfill these roles.
  • This programme prepares people tasked with the ongoing leadership / management cycle for one of their biggest challenges, namely dealing with people.
  • It is filled with useful techniques and tools to manage & lead effectively.

Duration: 2 sessions. Two 8 hour sessions, scheduled one month apart – a total of 16 hours of development time.


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Wired to Drive

Aimed at: Those required to participate in overall company and business development.


  • Once the Wired to Influence and Wired to Lead & Manage principles have been mastered, the most logical progression is into Wired to Drive.
  • Wired to Drive adds the vital elements of business leadership and directing strategic intent into the mix.
  • It requires managers and leaders to lift their game even further.
  • Driving requires people to first lead through the development of a compelling vision for the future, and then to follow by managing effectively to ensure this vision becomes the reality.

Duration: 8 sessions. One 6 hour session, once a month, for eight months – a total of 48 hours of development time.


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Executive Ideal

Aimed at: Executive Teams 


  • Executive Ideal explores the ideals of Executive Leadership, instills something to strive for each and every day and allows for robust exploration so as to understand, commit to and realize through appropriate action.
  • The outcomes included in this programme ensure the best possible Strategy, Teamwork, Approach, Mind-set, Character and communication is instilled at the top.
  • The quality of the top determines the quality of what is distilled down into the business and the team at large.
  • This programme is either going to be something completely new and fresh, something of a critical reminder or a powerful intervention to align your business goals with your business activity.

Duration: 6 sessions. One 7,5 hour session, once a month, for 6 months – a total of 45 hours of development time.


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Our programmes are a unique blend of:

  • Strategic and Operational Planning
  • Training and Development
  • Organisational Effectiveness Consulting
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Managing change
  • Unlocking potential
  • Support

We believe firmly in the concept that the environment that exists within a team is set by the leadership of that team. Far too many Business Leaders blame their team when things are not working, instead of taking responsibility themselves. A reluctance to accept responsibility could result from a variety of reasons. 

Our interventions address these reasons.

It is important to note that the manner in which we facilitate this generic programme means that the outcomes achieved per company can differ. 

We have found that by working systematically through the content, the particular needs of each and every company will be determined and addressed.


Some of our clients have had the following to say ...

The name of the programme “Wired to Influence” speaks for itself and being in an HR environment it highlighted again the importance of team dynamics, effective organisational communication and improving overall organisation effectiveness.

Alide Nelson – HR Manager, IsoMetrix Software Solutions

The benefit to the business has been improved staff retention, less blame, people who use their initiative, better team efforts and a general sense of people who love to come to work every day.

Darryl Maroun – Netology

I would really recommend the The Ripple Effect and the staff, we find value in their courses and they make an effort to understand the business and the people.

Jean Pick – Managing Director, GreatSoft (Pty) Ltd

I would definitely recommend that anyone that owns a business, manages a business and is employed by a business does this programme. When you stop investing in your education is when you start dying.

Adri Nel – Hello Gorgeous

We are grateful for your appreciation and understanding of the various levels of our employees, and confirm that we received a great return on investment. Thank you so much for exposing us to your endless energy.

JM Onraet – Director: Marketing, Much Asphalt (Pty) Ltd

Louis has an uncanny ability to identify potential problem areas in a business and is a great facilitator to achieve desired outcomes generated eventually by the team itself.

Kobus Herholdt – Managing Director, Atlantic Fertilisers

I would wholeheartedly recommend their services to any company looking to improve the way they run their business, or wanting to bring out the potential of their management team and employees.

Paul MarketosBluekey Software Solutions