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Cash flow timing

Volume 5: Cash flow timing

In this issue of our accounting blog, we would like to explore a very important realization in terms of a sale and the associated timing of cash flow into your business. The Double Entry In order to achieve this insight, we will return to the topic of double entries with […]


Volume 4: Double Entries

Probably the aspect of accountancy that most people struggle to come to grips with is the thing known as the Double Entry System.  Those debit and credit entries – knowing what to debit and what to credit and when to do so.  Knowing how to make adjustments, knowing how to […]

Volume 3: The need for detail

Accountancy, being able to account for, accountability and financial accounts all go hand-in-hand. This is why business leadership and the understanding of the accounting side of the business are so important to merge. There is always a risk of rushing into something without due planning.  We introduced the planning part […]

Volume 2: The Chart of Accounts

Business leadership, where an individual has the ability to impact the strength of the Balance Sheet and Income Statement of any business, requires an understanding of accounting, the General Ledger and how to read and interpret financial reports. Like most things in life, the eventual outcome lies in getting the […]

Volume 1: Remove the blockage

Welcome to our Accounting Blog: Accounting Building Blocks If you are a busy owner who does not as yet understand accounting or an aspiring leader of business who lacks knowledge of the science of accounting then this blog is aimed at you. I interact with many people in positions where […]