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People Development Programmes

The Ripple Effect has developed unique and effective Development Programmes: Wired to Influence, Wired to Lead and Manage, Wired to Drive & Wired to Influence PLUS.

A formal MBA is not always applicable to solve certain day-to-day problems within teams and in many cases formal tertiary training is lacking in preparing future business leaders for one of their biggest challenges – working and interacting with people.

 The Wired to Influence and Wired to Drive programmes comprise of one 5 and a half hour session, once a month, for eight months – a total of 44 hours of development time each.

The Wired to Lead and Manage Programme comprises of one 5 and a half hour session, once a month for six months - a total of 33 hours of development time each.

Our programmes are a unique blend of:

  • Strategic and Operational planning
  • Training and development
  • Organisational Effectiveness Consulting
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Managing change
  • Unlocking potential
  • Support

We believe firmly in the concept that the environment that exists within a team is set by the leadership of that team. Far too many Business Leaders blame their team when things are not working, instead of taking responsibility themselves. A reluctance to accept responsibility could result from a variety of reasons.  Our interventions address these reasons.

It is important to note that the manner in which we facilitate this generic programme means that the outcomes achieved per company can differ.  We have found that by working systematically through the content, the particular needs of each and every company will be determined and addressed.

Wired to Influence PLUS has the '+ factor'. The programme is built on our standard level of professionalism, practical application, relevant theory and systematic improvement. Wired to Influence Plus is aimed at larger organisations where the required layers of management have been established. The structure of the programme supports the needs of a strong Human Resource function, seamlessly links in with existing Performance Appraisal methodology and caters for mentoring strategies, where internal mentorship is part of the organisation’s development philosophy. The programme measures the level of change achieved between start to finish by conducting a series of pre and post-assessments.  We focus on measuring behavioural change by tracking changes in KPI’s associated with each role fulfilled by the delegates.  Reflection Exercises forming part of the various Modules, together with relevant delegate and mentor observations, are collated and made available to relevant stakeholders.  All reports are delivered electronically and are intended to supply both the individual delegate and the associated mentor with valuable information from which to drive growth and continual development.