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One-on-One Coaching

Individually based interventions

The Ripple Effect’s One-on-One Mentoring shifts the emphasis from group work to individually–based interventions. The approach is based on the observation that a team is the collective sum of individual capacity and capability. It incorporates the experience gained through facilitating interventions with a vast number of organisations ranging from small to large. One reality is that the challenges each and every one faces, on a daily basis, are in many ways, universal.

We believe that change management starts with the individual. Once the individual changes his/her behaviour, the process can begin to work with the combined leadership and ultimately with the team as a whole. Leadership and Teamwork are in essence outputs – results achieved through the right inputs by the individual without the presence of barriers.

Ripple’s mentoring interventions have been designed to work through the noise, the clutter, the blockages and the erroneous beliefs that ultimately prevent leaders from leading, doers from doing, everyone taking personal responsibility and teams from operating as effortlessly as they should. Something as simple and powerful as teamwork should not be so difficult to get right!

What we will focus attention on:

  • The needs of the individual
  • Personal responsibility
  • Identifying and addressing personal barriers
  • Knowledge vs. behaviour
  • Personal goal setting and goal alignment
  • Leadership capability and capacity
  • Performance measures and continual improvement
  • Energy management
  • Levels of confidence and motivation
  • Effective communication
  • Conscience imprinting and change management
  • Constant reinforcement of doing the important things

We look forward to working with you in creating positive ripples.