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Content Strategy

Good content provides value!

What do we mean by content? Content is both information and communication. It is a compilation of information, ideas and messages that are translated into some kind of written or visual format for others to engage with.

We will help you engage your audience - both internal and external - by using content to drive profitable behaviours.

Content Strategy delves deeper into the “creation, publication and governance of useful, usable content”. We will help you manage content and turn it into a business asset. Ripple Content Strategy also refers to the planning, development and management of content - be that in written format or in the form of other media.

We have a varied range of services:

  • Communication Audit:
    Through research we will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current communications strategy and provide solutions to remedy any shortcomings that may exist.
  • Information Architecture
    Information Architecture determines how information, across a website or application, is displayed and accessed by various users, both internal and external to the organisation. We will analyse the structure of information within your organsation and present best practice scenarios moving forward.
  • Content Generation:
    Content Generation or creation means creating some sort of media or information for consumption by end users. These end users may be internal or external to an organisation.
  • Ad-hoc Content Workshops:
    At times, all that people require is a nudge and guidance to develop effective content. Where we act as facilitator, we provide this support and guidance. We tailor-make Content Workshops, aimed specifically at your individual needs.
  • Communication Coaching:
    Communication Coaching is a powerful means of amplifying work relationships for both managers and their employees. We will customise the coaching based on your specific needs.