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Thank you for showing interest in our organisational development programmes. We trust that the following information will provide you with a clear understanding of how we can help you build a better working environment for you and your team.

We facilitate dynamic training processes that encapsulate every area of individual and team development, from high level, strategically focused business and organisational initiatives to the lighter fun and adventurous side. We offer a comprehensive service that caters for requirements on every level of the organisation. 


This service consists of numerous and diverse facilitated products. All products are offered as stand-alone options but are much more effective when we can develop an overall campaign linking them in tailor-made ways to meet your specific needs.

Explore the best way for The Ripple Effect to add value to you, your team, your company and ultimately to your customers / clients.


 The Ripple Product Suite 

Formal Development Programmes

The Ripple Effect has developed unique and effective Development Programmes:
Wired to Influence, Wired to Lead and Manage & Wired to Drive.

A formal MBA is not always applicable to solve certain day-to-day problems within teams and in many cases formal tertiary training is lacking in preparing future business leaders for one of their biggest challenges – working and interacting with people.

 The Wired to Influence and Wired to Drive programmes comprise of one 6 hour session, once a month, for eight months – a total of 48 hours of development time each.

The Wired to Lead and Manage Programme comprises of one 6 hour session, once a month for six months - a total of 36 hours of development time each.

Our programmes are a unique blend of:

  • Strategic and Operational Planning
  • Training and Development
  • Organisational Effectiveness Consulting
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Managing change
  • Unlocking potential
  • Support

We believe firmly in the concept that the environment that exists within a team is set by the leadership of that team. Far too many Business Leaders blame their team when things are not working, instead of taking responsibility themselves. A reluctance to accept responsibility could result from a variety of reasons.  Our interventions address these reasons.

It is important to note that the manner in which we facilitate this generic programme means that the outcomes achieved per company can differ.  We have found that by working systematically through the content, the particular needs of each and every company will be determined and addressed.

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Advanced Development Programme
Wired to Influence Plus has the ‘+ factor’.

This development programme is built on our standard level of professionalism, practical application, relevant theory and systematic improvement.

The + factor is achieved through four key additions:

  1. Pre and post assessments
    We facilitate a number of independent assessments to hone in on specific development needs, monitor progress during the programme and build in the required accountability to achieve desired changes by the end of the process.  The assessments create a link between the intended outcomes and the actual results achieved.
  1. Mentor the mentors
    Internal mentorship is built into the process.  Mentors are identified upfront.  We set time aside to brief the mentors, set expectations and work through the workings of the mentor process.  The mentorship process is encouraged and driven through our Content Strategist role.
  1. Progress reporting
    Wired to Influence Plus incorporates multiple reflection exercises.  To ensure full value is derived from these exercises the results of each exercise per delegate is captured in a “Follow-through report”.  These reports are distributed to all stakeholders including the delegates themselves.
  1. Boosted content
    The nature of organisations in the target market for Wired to Influence Plus are those with a management structure already in place.  We expect a certain existing leadership and management skill-set to be in place and henceforth are confident to include additional material in these sessions.  Each topic that is covered is approached as a form of success checklist.  If the delegate already applies something - continue; if it is new to them - start; if it is known but not applied - remove the barrier.

Wired to Influence Plus is aimed at larger organisations where the required layers of management have been established.

The structure of the programme supports the needs of a strong Human Resource function, seamlessly links in with existing Performance Appraisal methodology and caters for mentoring strategies, where internal mentorship is part of the organisation’s development philosophy.

The programme measures the level of change achieved between start to finish by conducting a series of pre and post-assessments.  We focus on measuring behavioural change by tracking changes in KPI’s associated with each role fulfilled by the delegates.  Reflection Exercises forming part of the various Modules, together with relevant delegate and mentor observations, are collated and made available to relevant stakeholders.

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Executive Development Programme

Executive Ideal is a development programme aimed solely at your team of Executives.

The quality of the top determines the quality of what is distilled down into the business and the team at large.

We take the approach that less is more.  In general Executives add the most value when they are freed from manic activity.  In a way they need to think more and do less.

There are not many business leaders that are achieving true alignment with what is expected from them as Executive Leaders.  Like with so many aspects of growth, we tend to rely on job experience only.

Any misalignment identified will be addressed through the setting and follow up of agreed actions within your Executive Team. ROI is achieved through raising existing ceilings and stopping any known bleeding.

The Ripple Effect's Executive Ideal explores the ideals of Executive Leadership, instills something to strive for each and every day and allows for robust exploration so as to understand, commit to and realize through appropriate action.

An Executive Coach and an Executive Programme aimed at Executives.

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One-on-One Development

The Ripple Effect's One-on-One Coaching shifts the emphasis from group work to individually-based interventions.

Typical Product Drivers: Personal challenges; safe environment; addressing core aspects; individual focus.

What we will focus attention on:

  • The needs of the individual
  • Personal responsibility
  • Identifying and addressing personal barriers
  • Knowledge vs. behaviour
  • Personal goal setting and goal alignment
  • Leadership capability and capacity
  • Performance measures and continual improvement
  • Team player
  • Effective communication
  • Conscience imprinting and change management
  • Constant reinforcement of doing the important things

Something as simple and powerful as teamwork should not be so difficult to get right!

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Strategic Planning Facilitation

Many people will feel that it cannot add value to use an outsider to facilitate strategy sessions as such a person will not know the business and the vision as well as the team members do.

They would be right in thinking this. When we facilitate we drive due process, manage time, keep people out of operational detail, maintain process integrity and drive an uncompromising process to reach desired goals. To do this, we don't need to understand your business - that's your role. We understand facilitation, people and their barriers, zero-based thinking and how to avoid the common pitfalls associated with planning sessions. We facilitate as a career, we draw on hours of experience, we hear what needs to be heard and will never avoid the real issues at hand.

Facilitation fees and ROI - there is no doubt that we add value beyond the cost of utilizing our services.

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Team Workshops

Goals, Roles & Souls Workshops - These tailored team interventions are a very effective change management tool. They are ideal for any team from any industry regardless of team size. They are designed to promote the idea that success in a team comes from having every team member pull in the same direction. These lessons are, where possible, depicted through experiential learning activities.

Each intervention is designed to achieve the following:

  • Lowering resistance to the intended change
  • Greater team alignment with overall business goals
  • Greater levels of individual and team responsibility for the business and its goals
  • Removal of obstacles to achieving improved results
  • Change
  • A platform from which to launch further team initiatives

This approach has universal application.

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Content Strategy

We specialise in the development of content, bridging that awkward gap between the need for content and the availability of content. 

We will help you engage your audience - both internal and external - by using content to drive profitable behaviours.

Content Strategy delves deeper into the “creation, publication and governance of useful, usable content”. We will help you manage content and turn it into a business asset. Ripple Content Strategy also refers to the planning, development and management of content - be that in written format or in the form of other media.

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Traditional Training courses

The Ripple College houses our more traditional classroom training.  Set courses applicable to a wide audience.

Through our ongoing development facilitation track record and with the massive amount of experience we have in tailoring people interventions, we have recognised a number of generic training needs that fall outside our leadership-focused products.

Training courses on offer:

  1. Tick – Quality Assurance
  2. Emotional Fitness
  3. Role Strategy
  4. Day to Day Communication
  5. Selling and Personal Sales Management

In some cases awareness of a subject is the first and most important stop in skills development.  Once we become aware the journey of development can begin.

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Book: Geared for Adventurous Business

What is this book about?

A wonderful, easy to follow guide taking you through the crucial steps to unlock a dream, turn it into reality and as a result mimic the joy of the dream.

Aimed at business and built on the analogy of adventure riding, its application is limitless.  Design your adventure, formulate the means, build confidence and go to work knowing all the bases have been covered.

This book is about courage. Many of us fantasise about starting a business. Dreaming about it is the easy part. It’s the actual taking of the first step that requires the most courage – moving into the seemingly dark unknown can be very scary!

One of the main fears about starting a business is that initially, it seems there is so much we don’t know about the potential adventure. And that is what starting and running a business should be likened to, an extreme adventure.

The more that is known about oneself and the adventure, the more the odds are in one’s favour. If the time for a new adventure has arrived then this book is for you.

Author biography:

Louis leads a full and rewarding lifestyle.  As one of the lucky ones who loves his career, he is constantly motivated and energised.  Facilitating team, individual and organisational development programmes for his company, The Ripple Effect, keeps him on his toes as no two assignments are the same.  New material and approaches are always required. 

Louis strives for balance and shares a home in the beautiful Riebeek Valley with his wife Caroline.  The property includes the Ripple Adventurous Business Centre (ABC) where they host a wide range of corporate workshops and personal retreats.

The adventure that inspired this book is one of many adventures tackled in his lifetime.  What has been captured in “Geared for Adventurous Business” is no matter the  adventure, making adventurous dreams come true requires a systematic approach.



All products are offered as stand-alone options but are much more effective when we can develop an overall campaign linking them in tailor-made ways to meet your specific needs.

Our product range is dynamic in the sense that we are constantly adding ways in which we can facilitate business and individual development.


What you would like to achieve as a result of a Ripple Intervention, determines our eventual approach:

  • Stopping ineffective behaviour?
  • Achieving overall team alignment?
  • Understanding and supporting new strategies?
  • Overcoming current challenges?
  • Developing a key relationship with a customer?
  • Making new employees feel welcome?
  • Gaining acceptance for a necessary change in direction?
  • Keeping your team energised and focused?


Whilst we are exempt from acquiring BEE Status, our Programmes are aligned with the SETA’s required outcomes