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Archive for Month: February 2018


When will it ever stop and when did it really start?

People fight.  It’s one of the things we do. Family fights, legal battles, fights against fights, wars, fights for dominance and even inner conflicts. We justify our fights.  They did, she did, he did, even the inner child-based conflicts are due to some adult.  And those adults, when asked why […]

The Voice of Reason

When everyone around you seems to going mad, will you be the voice of reason? When you are going mad will someone be your voice of reason? Before I continue please note – this blog post  is not titled “The Voice of The Reasons”. There are plenty of those I […]

live in the present

Can’t wait …..

Can’t wait.  Living in the Western Cape we are hearing these two words followed mainly by the following words – …. for the rains to come. This makes perfect sense considering the severe drought we find ourselves in.  We need the rain but according to our past rainfall patterns it […]