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Archive for Month: September 2017

Goals, Roles & Souls

Goals, Roles and Souls tailored workshopsThese tailored team interventions are a very effective change management tool.  They are ideal for any team from any industry regardless of team size. They are designed to promote the idea that success in a team comes from having every team member pull in the […]

Cash flow timing

Volume 5: Cash flow timing

In this issue of our accounting blog, we would like to explore a very important realization in terms of a sale and the associated timing of cash flow into your business. The Double Entry In order to achieve this insight, we will return to the topic of double entries with […]

Join the dots

As a man, I am aware that my fellow humans experience suffering.  As a boy, I knew of very little.  During my seven years in primary school I was aware of one boy who lost his brother due to an accident, and another boy who lost his father due to […]

What do you need me to do?

As a man, one of the most common things I have been criticized for is applying “Mr Fix It” principles to every situation where people have downloaded their challenges in my presence. My standard response to the criticism would have been – ‘Why not just tell me upfront what you […]