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Archive for Month: July 2017

Content Strategy

Good content provides value!What do we mean by content? Content is both information and communication. It is a compilation of information, ideas and messages that are translated into some kind of written or visual format for others to engage with.We will help you engage your audience – both internal and […]

your goals - the way forward

The Way Forward

Can you articulate your goals 12 months from now and can you clearly explain how you are going to get there? This question would require a critical starting point needing clarity on the current state of affairs in your business. So let’s explore the question of your way forward one […]

Customer relationships vs. supplier relationships

Most people I have met believe that how you treat your customers is different to how you treat your suppliers. The basis for this belief is the “customer is king”, and as we are the customer of our suppliers, they need to care for us.  We in turn need to […]

Get back to basics

The need to get back to the basics – what a wonderful idea and, when people say such things in team meetings or at strategy sessions, it sounds like such a moment of brilliance and wisdom. How easy has it become to say “we need to get back to the […]