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Archive for Month: May 2017

Tail winds

I am currently sitting in seat 6D on a Mango flight to Johannesburg.  The expected flight time is 1 hour and 33 minutes. Considering at times that it can take 2 hours plus to fly home, it is clear that we are being pushed along by significant tail winds. Thinking […]


21 years of facilitation and still the question gets asked – Does team building work? It is a great question and an important one to answer before any team decides to embark on a team building initiative or intervention.  Before I, as a facilitator of such initiatives, can answer such […]

Rules struggling to rule

I have heard some worrying comments from young people recently including this statement – “It is only illegal if you get caught.” As adults we could so easily blame such a comment on Millennialism or Centennials but it is us that are breaking the rules daily in front of our […]

It’s where we find commonality

We are all unique beings and therefore we must all be different.  The problem with difference though is that it seems to cause so much conflict. On a recent ride to Koringberg, an old and dirty car, with an elderly couple inside, pulled up outside the small shop where we […]

The Selfie ‘Must Haves’

Turning the camera on ourselves has been a long time coming and thank heavens it is now fashionable to do so. There are thousands of possible selfies one can take – coffee selfie, happy selfie, steers selfie, beach selfie, Statue of Liberty selfie, walking the dog selfie, resting selfie, trying […]