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Archive for Month: March 2017

What we say and what we do

Aligning what we say with what we do is as simple as following through when we say ‘yes’ or as complex as ensuring that our Marketing and Advertising messages are delivered upon. Let’s tackle the Marketing and Advertising requirement today, as I am simply not in the mood to deal […]

Bridging gaps

A bridge is such a simple concept – they generally allow easy passage over what otherwise would have been a way more complex route. I remember seeing the Van Stadens bridge on the Garden Route from below and noticing how amazing it is from down there.  Traveling on the N2 […]

How to instill ideal and appropriate Role Models

Role Models are aplenty – there are role models around for anything and everyone.  You can “follow” anybody on various platforms and hold each person you follow in high esteem.  Anything that catches your fancy. You can aim to follow more people than anyone else.  You can clutter up your […]

Prikkel Belangstelling – An Invitation

Mrs Bigalke was my Standard 7 (Grade 9) Afrikaans teacher.  She was passionate about presentations, or speeches as we called them, and stressed the importance of the opening lines and the title in grabbing the attention of the audience.  She called it “Prikkel Belangstelling”. Trevor Noah has recently launched a […]

How to extract the excuses

I have seen over and over and over and over again that companies accept mediocrity.  Then I wonder, is it that they are accepting of mediocrity or is it that they (the top “executives”) never challenge the status quo? Why “executives” in inverted commas? Business owners who themselves are promoting […]