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Archive for Month: February 2017

training overload - wanting more

What if I want more?

Training does more than train people.  If it were just for training that should be reason enough to invest in it, as people benefit from learning new skills.  What if you want more though? Your perception of training is that it doesn’t pay so, to consider investing in it, you […]

We know these things

One of the more difficult things to explain under cross examination I think would be why, when you knew something to be so wrong, you still went and did it. We hear about the extenuating circumstances, the temporary insanity, the wasn’t thinking clearly or the simple cop out – I just […]

The Linear Ability Scale

For a while now I have reflected on relative ability – the level of ability I have in a particular skill verses the people around me. I can even consider this relative ability in terms of all people on earth, as in most cases the person on earth with the highest […]

Would I want to go back?

I am aware of many lessons and skills I have learned in life and their value to me. Certain of these include the ability to swim, ride a bicycle and prepare food.  I can’t imagine life without these skills and now that I have them, I would never want to go […]

Inter family referrals

Whenever we complete a programme, we always ask the participants for their feedback. One aspect of this feedback process asks participants for referrals to people the participants know that, in their opinion, will also benefit from similar training.  Getting such referrals is an important aspect of our sales strategy.So imagine you […]

5 Behaviours that will make you successful

Ripple’s five points to become successful.The Ripple Effect team members have been observing the distinct patterns of success and similarly the common patterns of failure for 20 years now. One behavioural pattern business leaders seem to favour is the desire to summarize what it takes to be successful down to 5 […]