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Making sense of it all

Making sense of it all

There is a lot happening.  Not only in my personal life with a change in what we call home, in our business with new product offerings gaining traction, in our clients where everything that does happen in business is happening, in South African business where an iconic brand like KPMG […]

Making decisions safe

I have made many decisions during my lifetime.  Decisions to buy things, sell things, start things, end things, to save, to delay, to prioritize, to take part, to rest, to befriend and even decisions not to make a decision. It was not until 6 August 2017 that, for the first […]

your goals - the way forward

The Way Forward

Can you articulate your goals 12 months from now and can you clearly explain how you are going to get there? This question would require a critical starting point needing clarity on the current state of affairs in your business. So let’s explore the question of your way forward one […]

Customer relationships vs. supplier relationships

Most people I have met believe that how you treat your customers is different to how you treat your suppliers. The basis for this belief is the “customer is king”, and as we are the customer of our suppliers, they need to care for us.  We in turn need to […]

Get back to basics

The need to get back to the basics – what a wonderful idea and, when people say such things in team meetings or at strategy sessions, it sounds like such a moment of brilliance and wisdom. How easy has it become to say “we need to get back to the […]

Your heart must be in it

This past weekend I had the honour of presenting at the annual Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Spa Conference 2017. The Spa Conference is a must attend event for all Spa Managers, Salon or Spa Owners, and Wellness Professionals throughout South Africa and Africa. It focuses on building capacity, raising benchmarks and […]

Active listening

When facilitating it is important to listen.  Listen to what the person or the team says is troubling them and then hear if they articulate how they would like things to change and what they are going to do to change their outcomes. The art of listening is linked to […]

Tail winds

I am currently sitting in seat 6D on a Mango flight to Johannesburg.  The expected flight time is 1 hour and 33 minutes. Considering at times that it can take 2 hours plus to fly home, it is clear that we are being pushed along by significant tail winds. Thinking […]


21 years of facilitation and still the question gets asked – Does team building work? It is a great question and an important one to answer before any team decides to embark on a team building initiative or intervention.  Before I, as a facilitator of such initiatives, can answer such […]

Rules struggling to rule

I have heard some worrying comments from young people recently including this statement – “It is only illegal if you get caught.” As adults we could so easily blame such a comment on Millennialism or Centennials but it is us that are breaking the rules daily in front of our […]