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live in the present

Can’t wait …..

Can’t wait.  Living in the Western Cape we are hearing these two words followed mainly by the following words – …. for the rains to come. This makes perfect sense considering the severe drought we find ourselves in.  We need the rain but according to our past rainfall patterns it […]

The power of a song

Love me for a reason ….

“Love me for a reason …”  It’s a line from a song. As it so often happens we hear songs while traveling in our cars and this was such a case.  “Love me for a reason, and let the reason be love.”  I didn’t choose the song, I chose to […]


Leaders that discredit leadership

As I fly back to the Cape my thoughts turn to leadership and to some of the goings on in the Southern tip of our continent at present.  When people talk about leadership, I have noticed a tendency toward “half-fullness.” The word tends to get people to lean toward the […]

My activity and me

I love asking people how they are as I generally do care, and I am fascinated by the answers I receive. Some of my least favourite to hear: Hectic. Busy. It does not help to complain. I recently ran a session where we spent time exploring the difference between ourselves […]

Dust storms and dust settling

As dust settles we begin to see things clearly again.  Clarity can be impaired by a wide variety of factors from a lack of light to presence of dust or fog in the air. Success in life, business, relationships, in fact in all the roles we play, depends on clarity […]

Making sense of it all

Making sense of it all

There is a lot happening.  Not only in my personal life with a change in what we call home, in our business with new product offerings gaining traction, in our clients where everything that does happen in business is happening, in South African business where an iconic brand like KPMG […]

Making decisions safe

I have made many decisions during my lifetime.  Decisions to buy things, sell things, start things, end things, to save, to delay, to prioritize, to take part, to rest, to befriend and even decisions not to make a decision. It was not until 6 August 2017 that, for the first […]

your goals - the way forward

The Way Forward

Can you articulate your goals 12 months from now and can you clearly explain how you are going to get there? This question would require a critical starting point needing clarity on the current state of affairs in your business. So let’s explore the question of your way forward one […]

Customer relationships vs. supplier relationships

Most people I have met believe that how you treat your customers is different to how you treat your suppliers. The basis for this belief is the “customer is king”, and as we are the customer of our suppliers, they need to care for us.  We in turn need to […]

Get back to basics

The need to get back to the basics – what a wonderful idea and, when people say such things in team meetings or at strategy sessions, it sounds like such a moment of brilliance and wisdom. How easy has it become to say “we need to get back to the […]